Tiruvannamalai whatsapp group link Join 2024

Tiruvannamalai Whatsapp Group Link Join 2024:

In Tiruvannamalai Whatsapp Group Link is the famous festival city in the state of tamilnadu. The very popular religious events are happened to this district are the annamalaiyar temple, annamalaiyar hill, girivalam, karthigai deepam festival. This popular festival photos and videos are share here.

The lakhs of people are going to visit lord Shiva in this temple, in girivalam yatra that is the walking in plenty of kilometer to their house to temple. This district people are doing the service sector industry works, retail and resorts business, recreation activities as well.

This small business is given the plenty of economy to this district people and its municipality. The people are also works in the sidco industrial estate, spinning mills as well. Lots of educational institution are also available here. The road and railway transport are connected to this district to all other area as good.

Tiruvannamalai whatsapp group link Join

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