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About Clock Vault App

Clock Vault App – We hide our important photos in mobile with vault app if someone comes in when we want to open hidden photos. They will see that photo before closing the application, we can’t prevent this because if someone comes while watching hidden photo videos, even if we hide it from others, it will happen accidentally. But if you tilt your phone slightly when someone else comes, it’s a record of the Clock Vault app that disappears automatically.

What is the Clock Vault App Used for?

Clock Vault App – In today’s world, people choose more camera megapixels than the mobiles they buy, so the mobiles they choose cost more and the photos they buy are taken more beautifully.

Unlike the old days, photography is now all about taking photos on mobile phones, so photos taken wherever you go are stored on mobile phones and all the photos stored on mobile phones are a treasure that cannot be shared with everyone. Clock Vault app helps you hide some secret photos that only the owner of the phone can see.

How Does The Clock Vault App Work?

It is worth noting that when someone sees a hidden photo through the Wall app, it helps to hide it instantly. We are going to do this with Clock Wallet app, this app looks like a normal watch, you can hide your photos and videos on the back by matching the correct password and pressing the middle button.

Sometimes if someone comes at the time when you are eager to open it, your mobile phone will instantly slip into another app, which will make secret photos invisible, and after reading all the information related to this app clearly, this app will work. We have given below. Download and use.


Clock Vault App – (Secret Photo Locker & Video Locker) is a great privacy protection app to lock files you don’t want others to see on your device, hide videos in private gallery, keep photos safe and hide easily.

Photo Video Vault app to protect your privacy by keeping it safe behind a secret time password!
You can easily manage albums of gallery to view, import, move and export images.

Features of Clock Vault App

Hide Pictures: Easily hide photos from your gallery to a secret vault with Gallery Clock Vault. Now it crops the photo and rotates the features in the picture viewer inside the watch app.

Hide videos: You can hide videos in many formats of movies. You can also play the video using another video player app on your phone without opening the file.

Album Cover: You can set your desired album cover inside the hidden albums vault. Also, you can set the album cover through the image display screen options.

Strong Applock Protector: Lock apps like Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email or any other apps you choose from this Photo Vault App Lock.

Launcher icon change: Change your secret clock icon to more secret, music, calculator and other icons.

Break-in Alert: Create security behind you and automatically capture a selfie of anyone who tries to open the app and email it to you. Snooper can also view and hide images from inside Gallery Clock Vault albums.

Decoy Vault: Hide files in Decoy Vault while entering fake password to protect real gallery photo lock. This is an alternate vault with another password when you need it.

Private Browser: Download and lock photos, hide videos and music audios from the Internet and leave no traces on your computer.

Video Player: Super inbuilt video player to watch the videos inside the video vault. Supports video logger in multiple formats.

Themes for Applock: Choose from a variety of app lock themes to beautify your lock screen, select your gallery image to set behind the app lock screen.


How to Install, and Use the Vault App?

  • Click below link to install app on mobile.
  • When installing this application on mobile it will ask some permissions and only then it will do its work properly.
  • If you do all the things correctly and install this application on the mobile then you can protect the photos and videos confidentially.

How to Unlock the App?

  • Launch our Gallery Clock Vault app and the clock hands will move to 00:00 for setup.
  • Move the hour or minute clock hand to set the desired time password and press the button in the middle of the clock.
  • Now repeat the same password and press the center button of the watch to confirm. The vault remains open!

Are My Hidden Files Stored Online?

Note: Do not uninstall this video vault app before restoring your files in public gallery otherwise they will be lost forever.

My Opinion

It is important to note that we have recommended this clock vault app in this website article keeping in mind that an individual’s privacy needs to be protected through his mobile. Share your thoughts about this article with us, share this article with your friends, and let them protect individual privacy.

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